Barr Estate Winery

Our Wines

Currently we make four very fine wines, The Other Red™ (raspberry), The Barb™ (rhubarb) The Rhuby™ (rhubarb/strawberry) The Jewel™ (sour cherry fortified wine). We hand pick the raspberries only when they are fully ripe,  almost purple. This creates a full flavour, medium bodied wine with a nice balance of acidity. It is a refreshing, off dry wine with complex aromas and ripe summer fruit flavours and is best served cool. Pairings include duck breast, roast pork, white chocolate, mango and milk chocolate. For  The Barb™, we use only red rhubarb which creates a beautiful pale coral wine. This wine has citrus, honey nectar, flowers and much more. It is a medium bodied wine that has a good balance of acidity and a long finish. There is a lot going on with this off dry wine and it is best served chilled. Pairings include cold meats, Thai noodles and milk chocolate. The Rhuby™ is a pale blush with pretty aromas of ripe strawberries, summer flowers and stone fruit. The Rhuby™ is medium-bodied, off-dry with just a touch of sweetness, with medium plus acidity and harmonious flavours of citrus, strawberry and intriguing muskmelon. The Rhuby™ is easy-going enough to have all on its own yet possesses enough structure and complexity to have with dinner. Think grilled pork with mango salsa; barbecued chicken or fried calamari. If you are looking for a new rosé to enjoy this summer, this is it. The Jewel™ has subtle aromas of red fruit and berries with a hint of brown sugar sweetness followed by an explosion of fruit on the palate. The finish goes on and  on. Pair with creme brulee, fine cheeses, dried fruit and nuts. All four wines also taste great on their own.

At Barr Estate Winery we believe in lower temperature fermentation. This helps retain volatiles and esters which translate to improved bouquet and fruit characteristics.

The perceived sweetness of a wine can be different from the assigned code. Alcohol content, carbon-dioxide content, acidity, tannin levels and the serving temperature can all affect how sweet a wine tastes.

The Other Red™

Raspberry Wine

12% Alcohol/750 ml


The Barb™

Rhubarb Wine

12% Alcohol/750 ml


The Rhuby™

Rhubarb/Strawberry Wine

12% Alcohol/750 ml


The Jewel™

Sour Cherry Wine


16% Alcohol/500 ml